Passenger Mobility

JULY 25-27, 2019
CIDCO Convention Centre
Vashi, Navi Mumbai
Maharashtra, INDIA

Download Prawaas Awards Forms

We live in a world where continuous innovation is vital to the survival of any company. This idea is more relevant to the transport industry than others because of various factors such as consumer safety, comfort, fuel efficiency, integrated 'smart vehicle' technologies, and so on. Excellence in innovation needs to be acknowledged and awarded so that the industry can move forward as a whole and constantly aspire to higher and higher standards.
Further, BOCI (Bus & Car Operators Confederation of India) is organizing the Second Edition of Prawaas, "Prawaas 2019 - India International Bus & Car Travel Show". Prawaas wishes to recognize such meritorious work & reward it with the annual excellence award. It is an effort to recognize, the leaders and acknowledge their contributions towards best practices, services, and innovations.
The Awards will be in multiple categories covering all aspects of Bus & Car operator segment as well as the performance of the other important stakeholders. An independent reputed consulting firm will curate the awards process. Awards Function will be a star-studded celebration to felicitate and congratulate the best performers in the sector.
Now in its 2nd edition, Metric Global has partnered with Prawaas as the research partner for the Prawaas Excellence Awards 2019. We request you to either fill and send by post or follow the link and complete the Prawaas Excellence Awards form.

Note: Following Questionnaires for Bus/Taxi operators
  1. Master Questionnaire (Mandatory for all members)
  2. Intercity Operator
  3. School Bus Operator
  4. Employee Bus/Taxi Operator
  5. Tourist Taxi/Bus Operator
  6. Private Stage Carrier

- **Kindly fill the Master questionnaire, followed by the questionnaire applicable to your category.
- You can apply in more than one category if applicable.
- Kindly complete the process at the earliest.

Please feel free to get in touch with any of the following for any queries or any other further assistance:
Ganesh Gaikwad: 9823009851
Bharat Gore: 9823009855
Shubhika Narayan: 9823009833




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