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Exhibitors Profile

Leading Bus & Car Makers, Manufactures of Large, Mini and Maxi vehicles
Electric Vehicle & Alternate Fuel Segment
Bus & Car Body Builders
Metro and Rail Showcase
Accessories - Tyre, Seat, Battery, Lights & LED Displays, Air Conditioning, Paint Decors
Maintenance - Workshop Equipment, Security & Camera Equipment, AV Equipment, Flooring, Glass Replacement & Repairs, Wash Systems, Nano & UV Coatings
IT Solutions - Ticket and fare collection, Passenger information systems, ITS/Hybrid Devices, Telematics and fuel monitoring
Training & Skills - Training & Development Services, Fleet Management
Consulting - Legal, Financial, Insurance
Central and State Tourism Departments / Corporations
Govt. Agencies - STUs, Research Institutes, Regulatory Bodies
Operators Showcase - Display of Products & Services by Leading Operators

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