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Why Attend?

BOCI is the flagship body of Private Bus & Car Operators.
Prawaas 4.0 will be the largest gathering of leading Bus and Car Operators coverage of India
Prawaas 4.0 will also witness the largest gathering of representatives of STUs as well as various Intra-City Bus service providers.
Objectives of BOCI is to increase passenger traffic by providing ease of travel by collaborating with all the stake holders including Industry, NGO and Regulators.
BOCI will support the leading partners pre-during and post event to maximize their engagement with potential buyers.
Leading partners will get opportunity to connect with Bus Operators on multiple platforms through Conference, Exhibition, Awards and Networking events.
Operators will be in the best frame of mind to inculcate the best-practices and upgrade their existing fleets, facilities and features.
BOCI members can source the most exciting new technologies, products and services to be used in their buses and cars.
BOCI members will be looking for capacity building to meet growing demand and July month is the most appropriate period when investment decisions are made by the operators.

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